Our Equipment

PCI Equipment offers only the highest quality new and used equipment. Be it a new compactor, vertical baler, wood chipper, shredder, full conveyor system or any other of the products we offer we can guarantee quality and we will stand buy it. We stand out in our industry because we make sure to always go the extra mile to reach 100% customer satisfaction. We understand the cost involved in “downtime” to your business when a machine stops working. We also understand that any machine can malfunction at anytime. In the event of equipment failure, you can rest assured you will get our full support to get you back online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Our Guarantee

PCI Equipment is devoted to providing 100 % customer satisfaction. All of our service techs, and our sales representatives work with integrity in all that they do, and thats our guarantee. Be it a sale of a used Wood Chipper, and brand new Verical Baler or any product you need from us, we will help you every step of the way. It is our strongest belief that is we treat our customers well they will return to us and even recommend us. That is why we have been in business for over 10 years. Please fee free to contact us with any questions you have regarding any of our

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About PCI

PCI Waste and Recycling Equipment is the Northwest’s premier dealer for waste and recycling equipment and has aided companies across America in more effectively dealing with their waste stream and recyclable materials. We are dealers for many products from Waste Equipment Compactors to Full Conveying Systems: We can also offer to our clients design and construction to allow for our products, repair of your purchase from us or from anyone else. We are able to offer custom finance options on both new and used equipment to suit your needs.

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